Where is my order?




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    Judith Lynn Thomas

    I’ve ordered one fanny pack, but filled out some information twice because I wasn’t notified that the order had been confirmed. Please just send me one Fannypack not two.

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    Alison Neufeld

    This is my third written request for help regarding order #00425195. I placed the order on 4/17/19. It was supposed to be delivered within 2 business days. On 4/21, I called the customer service number and left my callback number. Also on 4/21, I sent my first written request for help (Request 41180) using this “help widget.” No response. On 4/24, I called again and sent my second written request for help. I have still not received any response and I have not received the backpack I ordered. Please advise on how I can escalate this matter to a formal complaint.

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